It’s very important for us to engage this topic with
sincerity because of how much is at stake.

It’s important to acknowledge that, yes, the science of
vaporizing things is young and there are risks. And yes, we should all be aware
of these risks as we decide to what extent we use these products.

But it’s also important to keep perspective and not veer
into fear hyperbole just because it’s the easy narrative.

The recent cases of deaths reported by several news outlets seems to have been traced to Vitamin E Acetate, a chemical traced to a contaminated source of THC/Cannabinoid vaporizers. This is a very specific risk not relevant to our products, or the vast majority of vapor products in the marketplace.

Just as a poisoned or contaminated food source should not
relate a risk to ALL food – so to should we avoid doing so with contaminated

Instead, we should keep apply some commonsense precautions
to vapor just as we do with anything we put in our bodies.

Some examples of precautions that we take and think are very
important are:

  1. Buying American manufactured oils mixed in
    ISO-standard clean rooms
  2. Staying away from ingredients you’re not
    comfortable with and flavors that contain diacetyl.
  3. Avoiding nicotine because it is a known
    carcinogen and addictive toxin. We also stay away from THC,  Acetyl Propionyl, Propylene Glycol, and Vitamin
    E Acetate.
  4. Using in moderation. Our product is best used in
    5-10 breathe increments. Vapor of any kind is likely not great for you in
    hundreds or thousands of breaths per day quantities. Nothing taken to the
    extreme typically is.
  5. Stay away from vaporizing ingredients that have
    never been tested before. Several things that may sound safe might not be. This
    is why we have kept our ingredients list minimal and limited to things we very
    much believe are safe (B12, water, organic flavoring, and USP-grade vegetable

We take great pride in the decisions we’ve made with safety and
quality in mind.

This company was founded by vegans that invented the product
for their own use, without any intention of commercializing it, and we still
use them every day. We love the effect they have on our B12 levels and quality
of life. We encourage you to look deeper into the subject, speak with your physician,
and make the best decisions for yourself just as we have.