Non-nicotine vape juice is gaining popularity as a vape industry in itself. Some of the most successful vaping products on the market are non-nicotine. With a large number of health-conscious vapers out there, it appears that social trends are changing.  

Various groups partake in vaping zero nicotine products. From former smokers to cloud chasers, health enthusiasts, and trend followers.  

A growing number of vaping enthusiasts has resulted in a vast vaping scene. With a host of vaping shops popping up all over the place and an enormous online vaping culture, vaping, and in particular, healthier vaping, has taken off in a big way.  

“Addiction Free” Vaping  

One of the apparent bonuses of non-nicotine vaping is the lack of risk of physical addiction. Nicotine is exceptionally addictive, causes a host of medical problems, and can result in premature death.

“Addiction-free” vaping is a great alternative that is being pursued by an ever-growing audience. Health scares have understandably turned people away from smoking.  People are more informed than ever before. As a result, it has got a great deal of interest. 

By removing addictive substances from the ingredients list, non-nicotine juice takes away the physical addiction. Emerging trends like vaping essential oils and vitamins take vaping in a more positive direction.  

“Addiction-free” vaping means vaping without physically addictive substances like nicotine.

Non-Toxic & Non Nicotine  

Nicotine is a potent neurotoxin known for its damaging effects. It is a common ingredient found in pesticides. Countless studies have proven that it has a detrimental impact on human health.

  • “Smoking is the biggest cause of preventable deaths in England, accounting for nearly 80,000 deaths each year.” – British NHS  
  • In America alone, nicotine is responsible for some 480,000 deaths every year, affecting a colossal one in five people – Centers for Diseases Control & Prevention

Non-nicotine vaping does not suffer from the same pitfalls as nicotine vaping. Non-nicotine vape juice has a following in a health-savvy modern world. People are often surprised by how pleasant vaping non-nicotine vape juice can be. 

If you exclude some cases of mislabeling and low-grade/blackmarket products, non-nicotine vaping is generally a safer and healthier alternative. 

To minimize your risk you want to buy from trusted vendors with legitimate quality controls that mix their formulas in the USA in clean-room conditions and are careful with the ingredients they use. 

A More Pleasant Experience  

Vaping nicotine can be hot on the throat and cause discomfort. Removing nicotine and replacing it with another compound can improve the vaping experience.  

Vaping nicotine has a particular “hit.” Without nicotine, vaping is smoother on the throat. You can barely feel nicotine-free liquids as you inhale them. Yet, you can still enjoy the flavor, warmth, and cloud. 

There are many different aspects of vaping that appeal to different people. Non-nicotine vaping ensures you can still experience and enjoy vaping but without the severe disadvantages that come with nicotine including addiction, increased cancer risk, etc.   

Liberated vaping happens on beaches, apparently 🙂

For Health Conscious Vapers

With significant public concern for healthy living, more people are looking for alternatives. Many users are looking to vaping vitamins as a way to improve their day.

Though it’s not all smooth sailing, some additives pitching themselves as healthy might do some harm. Vitamin E Acetate, for example, has been tied to recent health issues in vaping. The FDA has also sent out warning letters to manufacturers of caffeine-based vapes. 

It is important to do your research before choosing a product to vape. Vitamin B12 is a perfect example. Many swear by its ability to give them natural energy and focus. Existing inhalation studies, while small, have concluded that it is ‘safe and effective’ to inhale while delivering the benefits of Vitamin B12. 

Just as importantly, you need to choose a company you can trust. At VitaminVape we seek medical input during product development; this ensures our products provide the maximum benefit to our customers. Furthermore, we ensure that our products adhere to strict safety levels that adhere to FDA standards.

People are migrating away from nicotine, which is addictive. Other non-nicotine options on the market can fill the gap. Don’t think that because vaping is a tobacco-dominated industry, it all has to be bad, but the bottom line is you still need to do your homework. 

Try Non-Nicotine Alternatives

Across the globe, vaping has taken off. It is a cultural phenomenon. It is changing the way people think about smoking. There is a massive market for non-nicotine products, and it only looks to grow. The technology and the research going into it results in ongoing improvements.  

The world of vaping is changing all the time. There are some great products available that can appeal to a whole range of audiences. Vaping is appealing to a broader audience. Of course, it is important to remember that even when vaping non-nicotine products, stay informed about what you are ingesting. Think about what you are putting in your body. 

Vaping can help people to quit smoking and lose their nicotine habit. Many former smokers continue to vape. Noticeably, they now do so using non-nicotine liquids. There is a whole new range of vaping products available.

The Alternative Vape

If you’re interested in a non-nicotine alternative for vaping, try our VitaminVape. Vitamin B12 boosts your body and mind, without jeopardizing your health or resulting in you forming bad habits the way that nicotine does.

It’s easy to use. Best of all, unlike many other vaping products, VitaminVape contains no nicotine, no diacetyl, no vitamin E acetate, no PG, and no THC/Cannabinoids. Visit our homepage to find out more.