“Addiction is a condition where a person engages with a substance or behaviour for which the rewarding effects provide a compelling incentive to repeatedly pursue the behavior despite detrimental consequences.” – Psychology Today

It’s a controversial question, but the short answer is that it depends on what you vape. If you vape nicotine regularly, then it is addictive. However, if you vape something without nicotine, then it’s much less so.

Many use vaping as means to help quit smoking. Largely because it seems to be much less harmful than smoking cigarettes. We’ve all seen the medical research that shows that smoking nicotine products such as cigarettes and cigars is very damaging.

Cigarettes contain somewhere in the region of 7000 chemicals. Many of these chemicals are harmful to people when smoked. In contrast, vaping e-cigarettes may seem like a healthy option. Nicotine vapor liquids should only contain four essential components and release less chemicals when vaporized:  

  • Water  
  • Nicotine  
  • Flavorings  
  • Propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine base  

Vaping nicotine may be better than smoking it, but it is still detrimental to health and addictive as a substance. Nicotine is a toxin and carcinogen – it raises the chance of heart attacks and cancer. 

We’ve seen recent studies, like an NYU study on mice, that imply that vaping nicotine causes cancer. But that same study also showed that the the non-nicotine version of that vapor caused 0 instances of cancer. They concluded that non-nicotine vaping is ‘significantly’ safer than nicotine vaping.

So it’s not very controversial to say you’d be better off avoiding nicotine if you can – the evidence on this point seems pretty clear. 

Vaping With B12 Instead of Nicotine

Is Vaping Addictive? Vaping as a Habitual Addiction  

Vaping itself will not be physiologically addictive if the subject isn’t inhaling an addictive substance. However, it may give rise to learned behavior patterns that become habitual.  

It is important to remember that vaping is an incredibly effective way of absorbing compounds. It offers high rates of bioavailability. Vaping enables users to consume both beneficial and damaging substances.  

Whatever form of vaping you subscribe to, it is crucial to be aware of how you regulate yourself. If you find you are vaping with higher levels of regularity, then make a concerted effort to slow down. 

No matter what your vaping preferences are, always buy vaping products from a reputable and trustworthy distributor. Some lower grade and black market vape liquids have proven to contain harmful sometimes fatal substances.

E-Cigarettes are Not Always the Best Quitting Strategy   

Trying to quit vaping nicotine as a nicotine addict is hard. Medical experts recommend seeking face to face advice when trying to quit. Nicotine is a particularly addictive substance.  

Although vaporizers can help, they might still become a dependency because of their nicotine content. While you cut down on the number of harmful chemicals ingested, vaping with nicotine is still addictive.

If you can manage to switch to a non-nicotine vape, then it you may be one step closer to a nicotine-free life, and if testimonials are to be believed, for many it’s an easier step to make compared to going cold-turkey.

Trends Show An Uptake In Young People Vaping  

Market analysts report an increase in vaping. It is a growing trend that is gaining a young audience. Among youth and young adults in the US figures show, vaping has overtaken smoking. 38% of high school students and 13% of middle school pupils have tried vaping.  

Some observers have criticized the e-cigarette and e-liquid manufacturing industries. Critics have challenged its use of flavors such as bubble-gum and ice cream that appears targeted towards children and young adults.  

The rise in numbers of young vapers may also be the result of health initiatives and greater awareness about the impact that smoking has, but most likely the largest effect is from companies that are being far too aggressive in marketing to them.    

It’s best that young people avoid vaping and likewise companies should avoid marketing to them. It’s unfortunate because it gives the otherwise legitimate space a bad reputation that prevents people from seeing the good that vaping can do.

Vapes can be wholesome, but marketing to youth certainly isn’t, especially when nicotine and other drugs are involved.

Should I Vape?  

Vaping can be a healthier and safer alternative to smoking. It can be a very effective delivery system for compounds that can improve well-being too. 

Advocates point to the use of vaping as a beneficial delivery system for a range of positively impacting compounds. Vaping can help you absorb vitamins quickly, for example. There is a growing number of people vaping for these reasons.

In other words, it can be used for the delivery of non-nicotine compounds that add instead of subtract from your quality of life.

Vitamin B12 fits this profile. Tests have shown that it’s ‘safe and effective’ to inhale while providing the benefits of Vitamin B12 to the user. This is in massive contrast to nicotine-based products that can cause cancer and offer little or no benefits.

Not all non-nicotine formulations are safe, however. 

According to some research, vitamins like Vitamin E Acetate might be harmful according to the latest CDC data. This is why it is important to ensure you are well informed and do your research into the product you buy and what you are vaping. 

If you are vaping, it is vital to be cautious with what ingredients you’re vaping, what manufacturers you’re buying from, and what quality control measures they take. 

Ultimately, vaping can be both positive and negative. It can enable addiction, especially when addictive chemicals like nicotine are used. At the same time, vaping can help people switch to healthier habits and away from smoking and nicotine.

Vaping Vitamin B12

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