Essential oils are growing increasingly popular. People who use them are reporting a range of benefits and use them for their claimed medicinal, holistic, and recreational properties. It’s also a trend which is being enjoyed by more and more vapers. 

The variety of oil available on the market is enormous and the claimed applications for its use are equally vast. 

We can see a large increase in public and professional support for using essential oils, but the main benefit seems to be that they don’t have nicotine and that some suggest you don’t inhale them at all. 

With such an increase in essential oil vaping, it has led many to ask, should I vape essential oils? There are a couple of parts to this answer.

The Importance of Getting the Right Vape

It is vital to make sure you’re doing things correctly. Ensuring you have the correct vaporizer for the job is key. Luckily, there are some top-quality products available for the discerning customer. 

Concentrate or purpose-built oil vape pens are designed to deliver a high-quality essential oil vapor hit. 

Ensuring you buy a high-quality oil paired with a good vape pen will give you the best experience. Cheaper products may burn too hot, or the oils themselves may contain dubious ingredients, but it’s less about the price and more about their transparency of the ingredients they use and the quality of those ingredients. 

With a wealth of products on the market, it always pays to take your time and ensure you’re selecting a top-quality product. 

But the real key here is that inhalation of essential oil means you’re probably not inhaling nicotine or other adulterants. 

Quality control is of paramount importance, no matter what you vape

What to Vape and Why: Blends or Solo Products 

There is a multitude of oils as well as non-nicotine alternatives on the market. It is important to choose a product that fits your needs. We all have different requirements and individual preferences; choosing the right ingredients takes time and has a learning curve. 

Give yourself the advantage of testing a range of products to ensure you find what’s right for you. And of course, do your own research. Some people like essential oils, others prefer vitamins, like vitamin B12, and that’s fine!

The great thing about vaping is experimenting, but you want to do so in the safest way possible and that’s a question of avoiding dangerous ingredients and buying from reputable sellers with real quality controls in place. 

A More Health Conscious Society

People are more informed than ever before and, as a society, are health aware. Vaping essential oils and vitamins offers a new avenue through which you can enjoy vaping in a safer context and without nicotine or other addictive carcinogenic ingredients. 

As you try to decide you might want to ask yourself if you are seeking more of an aromatherapy-based treatment, or if you are looking to absorb vitamins.  

Studies have shown some vitamins are well suited to inhalation. Vitamin B12 is a perfect example. However, the benefits of psuedo-inhaling essential oils may also be a good alternative to nicotine vapes.

Fortunately, reputable vendors of vaping essential oils will give you instructions regarding the product on offer and how best to consume it. 

No Nicotine, No THC, No Diacetyl, No Vitamin E Acetate = A Better Vape

Remember, we’re not talking about a product that will contain nicotine, tobacco, propylene glycol, diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, or cannabinoids. Essential oil and vitamin B12 vapor is a different product entirely. It aims to benefit you in an altogether different way while avoiding nasty ingredients like nicotine. 

Vaping Vitamin B12

At VitaminVape we are invested in providing you with safer alternatives to traditional nicotine vapes. Our products and their ingredients go through rigorous testing and have been carefully selected. This includes seeking advice and feedback from health professionals, making the formula in the USA in ISO-certified clean rooms, and using real quality controls to create the best final product we can. Learn more by visiting our homepage