10 Best Vape Start Kits for New Vapers

If you’ve just started vaping or maybe if you are just about to start, you might find it difficult at first to navigate the market and find the best product for you. There’s a large range of vaping products on the market. Having so many options available can make choosing the right vape for you …more»

Vaping Essential Oils: What You Need to Know

Essential oils are growing increasingly popular. People who use them are reporting a range of benefits and use them for their claimed medicinal, holistic, and recreational properties. It’s also a trend which is being enjoyed by more and more vapers.  The variety of oil available on the market is enormous and the claimed applications for …more»

An Insider’s Guide to Non-Nicotine Vaping and Vape Juice

Non-nicotine vape juice is gaining popularity as a vape industry in itself. Some of the most successful vaping products on the market are non-nicotine. With a large number of health-conscious vapers out there, it appears that social trends are changing.   Various groups partake in vaping zero nicotine products. From former smokers to cloud chasers, health …more»

Is Vaping Addictive? What You Should Know.

“Addiction is a condition where a person engages with a substance or behaviour for which the rewarding effects provide a compelling incentive to repeatedly pursue the behavior despite detrimental consequences.” – Psychology Today It’s a controversial question, but the short answer is that it depends on what you vape. If you vape nicotine regularly, then …more»

Vape Safe – Avoiding Vitamin E Acetate and Other Safety Measures

It’s very important for us to engage this topic with sincerity because of how much is at stake. It’s important to acknowledge that, yes, the science of vaporizing things is young and there are risks. And yes, we should all be aware of these risks as we decide to what extent we use these products. …more»