10 Best No-Nicotine Vapes To Try

Are you looking for a modern way to vape something other than nicotine? Why not try vaping vitamins instead? 

This article reveals 10 of the best no-nicotine vapes currently available. These vapes should help you find an alternative to that nicotine buzz. 

Let’s jump right into it.

1. VitaminVape.co

Vitaminvape.co makes nicotine-free vapes infused with Vitamin B12. In addition, to avoiding the harmful effects of nicotine, this non habit forming alternative to cigarettes provides a new way to get a 'buzz'. Its ingredients are deionized water, organic fruit flavor extract, vegetable Glycerin, and Vitamin B12. And it’s made while adhering to stringent quality-control standards.

You can get thousands puffs out of each non-nicotine vape juice-filled vaporizers, which translates to months worth of use. Vitaminvape.co sells its nicotine-free disposables in sets of three, as well as in a bundle with its Big Cloud Pod System. 

This vitamin alternative to smoking includes a 15% discount, so you can save money while enjoying the positive effects of vaping without nicotine.

2. BreatheB12.com

BreatheB12.com is the manufacturer behind Breathe, one of the best non-nicotine vapes available today. 

The company doesn't use harmful chemicals and substances like Vitamin E Acetate, THC cannabinoids, and Diacetyl in its vegan-friendly, cruelty-free disposable vapes. They also have a replaceable pod system that feels ultra-premium, with a transparent pod that showcases the beautiful natural red color of vitamin B12.

We can safely say that Breathe delivers high-quality vitamin vapes that are nicotine free.

In addition, Breathe vapes are formulated in the USA in an ISO 7-certified clean room under GMP conditions.

Each Breathe diffuser contains vitamin B12 and ingredients like organic fruit flavor for a subtle taste of tropical fruits. The disposable diffuser can last between two and three weeks when used as directed, and the pod system can last months between refills. 

BreatheB12.com offers a 15% discount for its no-nicotine vape, so consider using it to try a new, vitamin infused form of vaping. 

3. Inhalehealth.com

Inhalehealth.com markets its zero-nicotine vapes as a solution to fight your nicotine craving. Its Anti-Cigarette vape device features long-lasting battery life courtesy of a USB-C charger, letting you enjoy nicotine-free vaping for longer. Thus, you get a guilt-free alternative to smoking cigarettes with zero nicotine levels and addictive chemical compounds.

Inhalehealth's Life Pods are similarly impressive. They have ceramic heating and magnetic docking cells. These allow the pods to integrate with the Anti-Cigarette device seamlessly. 

Each pod has a 2ml liquid capacity that amounts to 3X the industry standard, providing you with more value. When combined with the menthol flavors of Inhalehealth's trademarked Innocent Mint pod, you get a flavorful alternative to smoking.

4. Sparqlife.com

Sparqlife.com manufactures nicotine-free vape juices and devices in the US under the supervision of "a renowned inhalation toxicologist." What’s more, an ISO-accredited independent laboratory tests each batch to ensure it meets health and manufacturing standards.

The company sells rechargeable and disposable products that help you avoid the health risks associated with nicotine intake. 

You can choose between two delicious flavors (strawberry and vanilla) when buying its Vitamin Air device. Depending on how much and how strongly you inhale, you should get between 300 - 400 breaths out of Sparq Life devices.

5. Vaportechusa.com

Vaportechusa.com makes disposable e-cigarette products with adjustable airflow. Its oblong-shaped cube devices boast a spacious 11ml liquid capacity, and it’s available in 20 distinct flavors. 

VaporTech USA’s vapes are disposables, so you don’t need to charge them when you unbox them. The vapes last roughly three days when used frequently. VaporTech USA also has pretty good customer service too.

6. Monq.com 

Nashville-based Monq Aromatherapy describes itself as “the pioneer of the personal aromatherapy industry.” It creates vegan-friendly, no-nicotine custom essential oil blends and diffusers with zero artificial ingredients. 

Monq sources its ingredients from US-based and international botanists, processing sustainably-grown plants to extract the essential oils.

You can choose from a collection of rechargeable devices, non-nicotine disposables, and retro inhalers when shopping on Monq. The company also lets you build a custom set (including A 7-blend set). Your diffuser should last two to three months if you follow Monq's recommended daily dosage.

7. Inhalevitamins.com

Inhalevitamins.com draws inspiration from inhalation science to give you a healthy dose of Vitamin B12 through its diffusers. The viscous liquid inside them contains only natural vegan-friendly ingredients, which Inhale Vitamins offers in 30ml refills. Some of the most popular flavors include blueberry, strawberry, and banana.

The company’s inhalers follow a similar flavoring system. You can buy blue raspberry, peach, and grape-flavored inhalers for your vaping needs. Each one includes herbs (lavender, chamomile, peppermint, etc.) that give you energy or calm you down. 

You can get 200 puffs out of Inhale Vitamin’s diffusers, taking 5-10 puffs per day.

8. Vitastik.com


Vitastik.com has been making non-nicotine vapes with water-based formulas since 2014. Each concoction includes four vitamins (Vitamin B2, B6, B12, and C), seven wellness herbs, 11 aroma essential oils, and 100% organic and edible ingredients. 

The brand has sold its diffuser sticks to millions of people worldwide, delivering to over 78 countries. That speaks volumes about the brand.

Vitastik avoids using chemicals and oil-based vitamins (like Vitamin E) in its products. Its vape sticks don’t have chemicals, calories, drugs, or sugar, making them excellent for the health-conscious.

9. myVitaBar.com

MyVitaBar.com makes plant-based vitamin-infused blends to help its customers wean off nicotine. You can choose from six inhaler flavors: citrus for energy, lavender citrus for restoration, berry mint for a mood boost, minty lime for vitality, and peppermint or lavender for relaxation. 

VitaBar’s devices provide up to 500 breaths. You can buy its inhalers as a combination pack (three relaxation inhaler flavors or three energy inhaler flavors) or get them all as a six-pack.

10. Healthvape.com

HealthVape.com does not include THC, nicotine, tobacco, or any of that harmful stuff in its products. The company is on a mission to help its customers kick their smoking habits to the curb. Hence, it offers a healthier, safer alternative in HealthVape, a non-nicotine vape juice with 12 flavor options. 

The company lets you pay for its vape products over time in monthly interest-free payments. It offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Also, HealthVape is an environmentally-conscious company, so it runs an initiative to plant 50,000 tree seedlings in 2023.


When you’re trying to find an alternative to nicotine vapes, it’s crucial that you pick the right product. You can’t afford to choose a random no-nicotine vape that may contain harmful chemicals. That would be the equivalent of replacing one health hazard for another. Not ideal.

At VitaminVape, we’ve set up strict quality control policies to ensure we deliver nothing but the purest no-nicotine vapes to our customers. And you don’t have to break the bank to add our products to your routines. Our customer reviews speak for themselves, really. 

If you’d like to learn more about VitaminVape, please check out our FAQs section

That said, all the other nine brands reviewed here have a great reputation for providing high-quality no-nicotine vapes. You really cannot go wrong with any of them. Happy vaping, fellas!


None of our products are FDA approved as cessation devices, nor are they intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease(s).